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City puts brakes on police move
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McMinnville officials postponed a measure to purchase a new location for McMinnville Police Department. However, an agreement will be back under consideration at a later date.
Alderman Jimmy Haley asked Building and Grounds Committee members to hold off on making a decision when it comes to purchasing property owned by Jerry Williamson on the corner of the bypass and Old Smithville Road as a permanent home for McMinnville Police Department.
“I would like to hold off on this until everyone can go over and take a look at this site,” said Haley. “I know where the police department is now is temporary. I don’t know how long temporary is.”
Haley says the property under consideration is land-locked on all sides, which would create a problem for expansion and make this property temporary as well.
“I’m just trying to look into the future,” said Haley. “What happens five or 10 years from now, if expansion is necessary? Is this property permanent or will it be another temporary solution. If we need to expand, the property is deadlocked on all sides.”
Parking could already be a problem. McMinnville Police Department Chief Bryan Denton says he needs at least 70 parking spaces.
“I voiced a concern about parking early on,” said Denton. “I was assured the parking lot would be paved and there would be at least 70 parking spaces.”
According to Williamson, who was in attendance at the meeting, there is more space that is not being utilized.
“If you need to expand for parking, there is more space that can be used,” he said.
The price for the property is $500,000 as is, or $650,00 with construction of a 1,200-square-foot courtroom, additional restrooms, and parking lot paving.
“I’m retiring at the end of the month and I would like to see the police department in a permanent home,” said Alderman Junior Medley. “Jerry, can you arrange for a tour of the property with your current tenants?”
With Williamson’s assurance that he could, committee members Junior Medley, Billy Wood and Rick Barnes held off on their decision until after all the aldermen could tour the property.