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City paving begins
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Paving has resumed in the city of McMinnville. A crew from Rogers Group began paving Red Road on Thursday.
McMinnville Public Works director Bill Brock informed city officials Tuesday night that paving would begin this week.
“Paving is like swatting flies,” he said. “They called me yesterday and said they would start today. They called me today and said they would start tomorrow.”
Brock requested of the company that it first begin paving the parking lots behind the Chamber of Commerce and around the Farmers Market.
Rogers Group denied the request, according to Brock.
“They said they wanted warmer weather for the parking lot paving,” he said. “There is a lot of hand work and they want warmer weather.”
The parking area is mostly city-owned property, but there are some parking areas that are privately owned. Brock says he contacted those property owners about including their areas in the paving project to improve the appearance of the finished product.
“All the property owners adjacent to the parking lots have been given prices,” he said. “Some of the property owners are going to pave their parking lots, and some of them are not going to pave their parking lots. It’s a personal call.”