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City parks to get bathrooms
park bathroom
A new outdoor bathroom at Riverfront Park is under construction including masonry and insulation. That outsourced portion of the project will cost $13,500. It was included in a bid for masonry and insulation for two more bathrooms, those at Pepper Branch Park and Ramsey Park, for a total cost of $40,500 for all three.

If you need to go, McMinnville officials will be providing bathrooms for outdoor recreation at Riverfront, Pepper Branch and Ramsey parks. 

The city Parks and Recreation Committee approved a bid of $40,500 from Gordon Griffith’s Masonry, who was the sole bidder on the project that included all three bathrooms. 

“His bid came in at $13,500 for each restroom,” said McMinnville Parks and Recreation assistant director Justin Scott. “That’s I-foam insulation and constructing the actual block walls on top of the pads. It’s just block and foam.”

Alderman Steve Harvey questioned the reason why the insulation and construction were bid together.  

Scott replied, “After I looked at several options of someone who did the foam itself and after talking with our head of maintenance, it just seemed similar to offer that as part of our bid package included in the masonry.” 

Harvey offered speculation about why the project only received one bidder. 

“I wonder if that’s why no one else bid on this,” said Harvey, “Because those two were bid together.” 

The remainder of the work, such as installation of plumbing, interior fixtures and painting, is being done in-house by city employees as a cost-saving measure. 

A bathroom at Riverfront Park is currently under construction and is awaiting masonry and insulation. No actual date has been set for construction of bathrooms at Pepper Branch Park and Ramsey Park. 

The committee’s recommendation was approved by the Board of Mayor and Aldermen on Tuesday, May 14, during its Regular Session.