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City officials to discuss budget Tuesday
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McMinnville officials will continue budget discussions this Tuesday. Two committees will be meeting to review their department’s proposed budgets for fiscal year 2014-15.
The Building and Grounds Committee will meet first at 6 p.m., followed by the Parks and Recreation Committee at 6:10 p.m.
The proposed budgets, what is being requested monetarily, and what was given last year:
Planning and Zoning Department - $298,475, up from $274,770
Parks and Recreation Department - $2.4 million, up from $2.1 million
Park Theatre’s proposed budget of $296,065 will also be up for review.  The facility will be under the direction of McMinnville Parks and Recreation Department. Generating the numbers was assistant director Justin Scott. Because renovation of the facility will not be complete until the beginning of 2015, which is the middle of the fiscal year, operational expenses were estimated for six months.
Operational expenses:
Personal services were estimated at $63,740. That’s $17,500 for a full-time manager, $32,240 for part-time employees, and the remainder to pay benefits.
Contractual services were estimated at $72,125. That’s concessions $16,000 ($300 a night), advertising $15,000, electric $22,500, and the remainder going to a variety of expenses, including postage, printing, water, gas, telephone, repair and maintenance, travel, and machinery and equipment rental.
Supplies were estimated at $7,500. That’s office supplies $1,000, operating supplies $3,500, and several items from $250 to $500, including clothing and uniforms, repair and maintenance, machinery and equipment parts, sign parts and supplies, and safety supplies.
Capital outlay expenses were estimated at $3,700. That’s communication equipment $1,200, office machinery and equipment $1,000, computer equipment $1,000, other machinery and equipment $250, and tables and chairs $250.
Debt service on the building’s renovation takes up about half the cost, $149,000. Retirement of a capital outlay note is $89,000, and interest on capital outlay notes is $60,000.
All proposed departmental budgets must be reviewed by their prospective committees, with final approval given by the full board.