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City officials table talks about changing policies
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The city’s new policy on public notice and the time frame required for items to be heard by the full board remains intact. A measure to repeal it was tabled before discussion began.
Finance Committee members Ken Smith, chairman, Mike Neal and Ben Newman met Tuesday night to consider a recommendation by Alderman Billy Wood and Rick Barnes to repeal the policy.
Smith tabled the discussion.
“I call this meeting of Finance to order,” Smith said. “There is one item on the agenda and I have decided at this time not to bring that up and to table it until some further investigation and some further review can be done.”
The meeting ended.
Under the policy, the public gets at least seven calendar days public notice of committee and full city board meetings, including the proposed agenda of each meeting.
The policy also puts restrictions on when actions from committee can be taken to the full board for immediate consideration, when committee actions can be taken to full board after a two-week waiting period, and when measures can bypass the committees and be taken to the full board immediately.
Wood and Barnes recommended Sept. 24 that the policy be repealed due to its restrictions being too restrictive.
No date was given for the measure to be back under consideration.