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City lawsuit rescheduled for Aug. 24
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After being postponed at least once, the lawsuit between the city of McMinnville and Warren County government over the local option sales tax is slated to begin Aug. 24 at 9 a.m. in the Warren County Administrative Building.The two municipalities are battling over a 1969 agreement, as well as a 1985 agreement that extended the original, that combined the two school systems and allocated most of the city’s local option sales tax to the county.Under state law, 50 percent of the city’s local option sales tax is given to the county for schools. The long-standing agreement between the two added an additional 25 percent, which the city is seeking to reclaim through the lawsuit. At stake for both parties is approximately $2 million annually.In the latest development before the case is heard, the city and county appear to be in legal wrangling over the intent of the agreement and the level of education in Warren County.On Aug. 2, the county made a motion requesting the judge exclude the testimony of Dr. James W. Guthrie, whom the city has acquired as an expert witness on the level of education in Warren County.