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City finalizes its nonprofit donations
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McMinnville officials finally passed the city’s donations to nonprofit organizations Tuesday night. This was the second read on the measure, which did not pass without controversy.
“It’s been a while since we have looked at this,” said Alderman Jimmy Haley. “Maybe we should go back over it one more time.”
McMinnville Mayor Norman Rone replied, “We looked at this about two weeks ago. This is the second read on it.”
“I just think we should take a few minutes to go back over it again,” said Haley.
Rone dismissed the idea, called for a vote, and stated, “I don’t know where you’ve been. We have been over and over this for weeks.”
The measure passed unanimously with Haley and Rone, as well as Vice Mayor Everett Brock and Aldermen Billy Wood, Rick Barnes and Clair Cochran all voting for it.
This year’s donations total $286,178:
• Citizens for Progress Scholarship Fund — $7,000
• Warren County Chamber of Commerce — $59,000
• Chamber annual dues — $5,500
• Families in Crisis — $2,500
• Magness Library — $70,000
• Main Street McMinnville — $70,000
• Industrial Development Board — $34,000
• Senior Center — $4,000
• Sunny Day Adult Day Care — $2,500
• Warren County Cares — $4,800
• Heritage Alliance — $300
• Silver and Gold Band — $5,000
• Warren County Rescue Squad — $6,000
• Sister Cities Program — $10,000
• Upper Cumberland Development District — $2,857
• Upper Cumberland Human Resource Agency — $2,721
When questioned by the Southern Standard after the meeting, Haley says he wanted to alert the board about a possible situation.
“There is a nonprofit that may no longer be together,” Haley said. “We haven’t met in two months. I was wanted to discuss it, but I was cut off.”
When asked about which nonprofit it was, Haley refused to comment saying the city meeting would have been the time to discuss it.
Sunny Day Adult Day Care, a service program provided by the Senior Center, was recently disbanded due to lack of participation, says Senior Center director Cheryl Watson Mingle.
If officials provide a donation to a nonprofit or for a specific program provided by the nonprofit that is no longer in existence at the time the donation is disbursed, it will be retained by the city.