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City employees appear poised for more money
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Full-time employees of the city of McMinnville could be seeing a little extra in their paychecks in fiscal year 2013-14. If a salary adjustment remains unchanged, they will share $147,000.Finance Committee chairman Ken Smith says corporations often take the average inflation over the last 12 months (1.40 percent), add the Social Security increase for the year (1.50 percent), and average those two together (1.45 percent) in order to determine an appropriate raise increase.Rather than give every employee a 1.45 percent increase, which would give higher-paid employees a larger pay raise than lower-paid employees, Smith recommended giving each employee $1,000.“I took a look at the wage breakdown of our employees and we have 105 employees making less than $45,000 a year,” said Smith. “We have 42 employees making more than $45,000 year.