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City crews mark streets in preparation for paving
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Over the past week, lines of paint have appeared on numerous city streets. Those streets have not fallen victim to graffiti. Instead, they are the ones the city hopes to pave this year.
Since Tuesday, employees of APAC-Harrison and McMinnville Public Works have been marking streets so paving crew knows exactly where to begin and end street work.
“We do have a list of 51 streets,” said McMinnville Public Works director Bill Brock. “We have about 26 that did make the list for paving this year.”
Half the streets have been given the all clear by McMinnville Water Department as those where work on underground lines is not necessary or that work needing to be done is complete.
Brock says allowing the Water Department to review the list first and make repairs will hopefully eliminate them having to cut into a newly paved street in order to do work on water lines.
The list of 25 streets which are ready to go this fall are Myers Lane, June Street, Westwood Drive, Forest Drive, Bradford Road, Bybee Branch Road, Cascade Avenue, Union Hill Road, Yager Road, Magnolia Street, Shadowlawn Street, Greggview Street, Ash Street, Bell Street, Caney Lane, Chambers Street, Hillview Drive, Osborne Street, River Drive, Eastridge Street, Westwood 4th Avenue, Mt. View Avenue, Woodmont Avenue, Hillside Lane, Cadillac Lane and Garth Circle.
“More streets will be added as the Water Department gets done with them,” said Brock. “These are the ones were hope to get finished this year. The rest will be next spring.”
The rest are Ebonwood Street, Morningside Drive, George Huggins Drive, Creamery Street, Henegar Street, Bluff Street, Van Buren Street, DeKalb Street, Grundy Street, Overton Street, Oriole Drive, Cherry Lane, Lagoon Drive, Estridge Alley, Hester Alley, Fuller Street, Old Morrison Highway, Edison Street, Gay Street, Mauzy Street, Moffitt Street, Oak Street, Red Road (bypass to city limits), Red Road (bypass to Sparta Street) and West Sparta Street.
Marking the streets to guide the paving crew is considered prepping the street prior to any work being done. Streets will be milled first and paved second.