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City considering Pistole Park options
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McMinnville officials are ordering a master plan to be drawn up for future Pistole Park Soccer Complex renovations. The cost is approximately $5,000.
The city’s Parks and Recreation Committee met Tuesday to consider a request to hire James C. Hailey to create a master plan that can be used as the park is slowly renovated one field at a time.
“We’ve had some issues with Pistole Park,” said McMinnville Parks and Recreation director Scott McCord. “Our profession isn’t grading, leveling or understanding flow. When we did field one, it was raised on one end so we had a drop off on field two.”
The department is also getting conflicting opinions on what’s needed and what’s not and a plan would save money in the long run, says McCord.
“We had contractors saying we needed to bring in so much dirt. They sold dirt so there’s a good reason for that. Then, we had contractors tell us that we had existing dirt and it only needed to be moved. I need a third party person to come in, someone with no skin in the game to come in, sit down and tell me what we need to do.”
James C. Hailey and Company was contacted, says McCord, and for approximately $5,000 the company will create a master plan with bidding documents including project specifications, bid advertisement, bid proposal forms, etc.
“I think that’s money well spent,” said McCord. “As of right now, we can’t do all the fields at once because it would destroy the soccer program. We have to do it one field at a time. However, doing it one field at a time, is creating problems.”
Alderman Ben Newman stated, “This will keep you from having piecemeal fields at different levels.”
In 2013, Warren County Youth Soccer Association requested of the city to make upgrades to the existing fields, bathrooms, concession stand and parking areas. In order to renovate without negatively affecting the soccer program, officials decided to make improvements over time. The first field was complete in 2014 at a cost of $22,695. Currently, the department has $65,000 in its budget to make more improvements.
Newman, as well as Aldermen Steve Harvey and Jimmy Bonner, unanimously approved the expenditure. The cost will be deducted from the funds earmarked for Pistole Park.