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City board makes appointments
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Appointments to various McMinnville boards were made by city officials last week, with one including the reinstatement of an appeals board that stopped meeting years ago.The Board of Adjustment Appeals hears disagreements between property owners and the codes department over building code issues. McMinnville Planning and Zoning manager Josh Baker says he asked Mayor Jimmy Haley to reinstate the appeals process and that board.“When it comes to building code issues, we need to have an appeals process for individuals who disagree with me,” said Baker. “The Board of Adjustment Appeals will hear from me and from the property owner and make the determination on which one of us is right.”Assigned to the newly reinstated board are Jim Brock, Joey Haston, Amie Hodges, David Marttala and Jerry Williamson.Codes also has the Board of Zoning Appeals, which hears disputes between codes and property owners regarding zoning codes and sign codes within the zoning codes.