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Charges dropped for kidnapping naked girlfriend
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A former Warren County High School basketball player had all charges dropped in a case where he was accused of kidnapping his naked girlfriend and holding a man at gunpoint last year.The charges of aggravated kidnapping, aggravated assault, aggravated burglary, and domestic assault could have added up to 20 years in jail for defendant Donte Weir, but instead he is now free to pursue his college basketball dreams.“I think it’s great the district attorney in Smithville investigated it enough to see Donte had no intent to commit a crime, but was instead just worried for the safety of his girlfriend,” said local attorney Steve Roller, who helped get the charges dropped against his client in neighboring DeKalb County where the incident occurred.Weir was arrested on the stack of felonies in July after it was alleged he forced his way into a home in DeKalb County and held a man at gunpoint while making his girlfriend leave the residence and return with him to Warren County.Roller said things were not as they first seemed, noting a closer look at the incident revealed something far different than the felonious claims from the onset.“He went up there when his girlfriend didn’t come home and didn’t know what was going on,” Roller said, noting the man at the house let Weir in and that his client did not force himself into the residence. “When he was inside, the man pulled a gun on him and Donte took it away from him and the man ran away.”Roller said at that point his client found his girlfriend naked inside and took her to his car and left the area.“All he knew was this guy had just pulled a gun on him so he wanted to get her out of that situation,” Roller said.The charges were dismissed at arraignment at the request of the prosecutor. Weir served about a week in jail before making bond.