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Ceremony to pay tribute to victims of homicide
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A ceremony honoring and remembering homicide victims is planned for this Christmas season. The sixth annual A Season To Remember will take place in the sanctuary of First Baptist Church on North Spring Street this Friday, Dec. 7 at 6 p.m. The event is open to the public.
The program is being conducted by District Attorney General Lisa Zavogiannis for the families of homicide victims. Zavogiannis said this is a special night she sets aside each year to specifically remember those who have lost their lives due to a homicide.
“It is a time to honor those we love who are no longer here that we lost,” said Zavogiannis. “We can’t forget those people and we want to help their families. The most important reason is to not forget those who we have lost. Most people we honor are victims of homicides that happen here, but we’ve had people come who had family members who weren’t killed here but they wanted to honor their family member. We invite those people to take part in this also.”
“The reason I started doing this is because I went to Nashville to a ceremony the first year I was elected. They do these in large cities a lot. I wanted to make this more convenient to people here and wanted to make sure people here could have a place to honor their loved one,” said Zavogiannis.
Zavogiannis said during the ceremony, they will show a PowerPoint presentation with pictures of victims given by family members, will read victims’ names, and light a candle for the homicide victims.
A wreath is presently being displayed in the district attorney’s office window which has pictures of victims or items that remind family members of their loved one.
If your family is one that has been touched by a homicide and you would like to participate, please contact the office of the district attorney at 473-9572 as soon as possible.