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Central steeple being replaced
Steeple down
After the removal of the spire on Wednesday, the Central Church of Christ steeple, which has been on the top of the church building since 1972, was taken off Thursday afternoon. A metal replica of the current steeple will be put in its place.

The spire that has been on Central Church of Christ since 1972 was removed Wednesday afternoon as the replacement of the steeple takes place. The copper spire is approximately 22 to 24 feet long.

Six people with Sain Construction Company of Manchester worked to take off the pinnacle, which will be restored and returned to the top of the steeple once the new fixture is added.

The project took several hours to complete due to the varying amounts of high wind and rain.

Project manager, Don Harrell said, “The wind’s been marginal today, right on the edge of whether we could work or not. The rain this morning wasn’t good for us, and we had an issue getting the spire loose, but once it was loosened, it came down quickly.”

The wooden steeple is being brought down in sections. The steeple is rotting due to the length of time it has endured the weather and outside elements, making it a safety hazard. It will be replaced with an exact replica made of metal. 

The construction crew has been on the site since Monday and is hoping to have the dismantling of the steeple completed in one to two weeks, depending on how the removal process goes.