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Centertown designates smoking areas in park
While Morrison Ballpark has completely banned all forms of tobacco, Centertown Recreational Park has certain areas where smoking is allowed.

Smoking has not been completely banned from Centertown Recreational Park.
A story appearing in Sunday’s edition of the Standard was based on comments from a Warren County Health Department representative and indicated tobacco products had been completely banned from ballparks in Morrison and Centertown.
The tobacco ban apparently includes the entire ballpark in Morrison. However, it does not include the whole park in Centertown.
“We talked to the Health Department about this and we did agree to ban smoking in certain areas of our park,” said Centertown Recreation Park chairman Donnie Caldwell. “But we are not banning smoking on park grounds. We are posting signs around the park not to smoke in or around certain areas when the youth league is practicing or playing. Banning smoking completely would affect a lot of our families and we are not doing that.”
Caldwell said there are a number of areas where smoking is prohibited at Centertown’s park. Those areas include the bleachers, under the pavilion, inside bathrooms, in the concessions stand and while waiting in the concession stand line, and inside dugouts.
People are free to smoke in areas not listed.
“I’m anxious to see how this works out for Morrison,” said Caldwell. “I don’t know if it will help their numbers or hurt them.”