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Business to give away coins
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While Halloween is traditionally a night dedicated to children acquiring candy, one local businessman wants to spur a different type of collecting.
“I’m going to be giving away coins to children,” said Joe Smith, the owner and operator of Warren County Coins. “I don’t know what the cut off age is for trick-or-treating, but I guess I will limit the coins to children in grades kindergarten through fifth grade.”
While the age range for obtaining a coin is not set in copper, nickel or silver, what the children will be getting is. Smith says the coins will be real – and from foreign countries.
“I have about 1,000 foreign coins to hand out,” he said. “My hope is they do a little bit of investigation into the coin so they can learn where it is from and learn a little bit about geography.”
The coins are from South America, Africa, Asia, Europe and China, among other places. Age and value of the coins vary. However, some are up to 80 years old.
“We aren’t talking about coins that are worth a whole lot of money,” said Smith. “However, I would hope the child who gets one of the older coins holds onto it and builds a coin collection of their own from there.”
Children wanting a coin must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Smith says the rule protects himself and the children.
“Parental supervision is a must. No parent, no coin. I’m offering coins because it won’t rot your teeth like candy does, but parents need to make sure the little munchkins don’t put them in their mouths.”
Coins will be given away Halloween night from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m., or while supplies last. Limit one per child. Warren County Coins is located in Plaza Shopping Center near Stewart Pharmacy and King’s Den Hair Design.