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Business Pulse 2-1-15
Widespread Panic is shown performing at Cumberland Caverns during a special PBS installment of Bluegrass Underground. The three-day Bluegrass Underground taping set for this March sold out in 15 minutes. Its one of 25 Bluegrass Underground events planned this year.
Of all the stories and columns that have appeared in the Southern Standard over the past two months, all folks seem to be talking about is how much newspaper employees weigh.This comes after Duane Sherrill wrote a column about weighing over 200 pounds, and Lisa Hobbs wrote a column about losing 30 pounds. These columns have resonated with our readers as people have mentioned them to me several times in passing.“So I see where Duane has put on a little weight,” one person will say.Another will offer, “I bet Lisa feels great after losing 30 pounds.”What I’m taking from this is people don’t want to know that much about government meetings or recent crime stories. They just want to know how much we weigh.It’s with that in mind, I bring you the following information:James Clark – 176 poundsSeth Wright – 158 poundsBruce Duke – 192 poundsDale Stubblefield – 206 poundsDuane Sherrill – 202 poundsI’m sorry to report the women at the office are not at all receptive to this new feature and do not want their weight listed in the paper.