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Militia members need help from mommy
McMinnville Green owner John Hoch stands in the recycling room of his business on Needmore Road. McMinnville Green recently started taking the countys plastic and cardboard for recycling.
The armed militia members in Oregon who have seized a federal wildlife refuge are continuing their standoff. But not without a note from their mother.In an unexpected turn of events, Carol Bundy, the mother of militia leader Ammon Bundy, has issued a plea to supporters for some much-needed supplies. It seems these rugged men of the wilderness, willing to take up arms and battle their own government, are in need of a little French vanilla creamer.Their list of supplies, as provided by Carol Bundy, includes slippers, Miracle Whip, conditioner, throw rugs, antibacterial hand soap, eggs, sour cream, cigarettes, and the aforementioned French vanilla creamer.This note from mom is exactly the reason I question our need to bear arms in order to form “a well-regulated militia.”