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Burglary leads officers to meth lab
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A man caught in possession of a meth lab as lawmen were searching his home during a burglary investigation has been given nine years in prison
The defendant, Jason Mac Brown, 38, entered a guilty plea to the charge of initiating the process to manufacture meth and a no-contest plea to the charge of theft. He was directed by Circuit Court Judge Bart Stanley to serve nine years in the state penitentiary and pay $3,000 plus court costs.
He was arrested along with co-defendant, Heather Leann Brown, 32, at their home. Ms. Brown entered a plea by information to her charges shortly after their indictments and served 42 days of an 11-month, 29-day sentence for her part in the burglary and meth lab operation.
They were developed as suspects in the burglary when witnesses saw a vehicle fitting the description of the one owned by the Browns at the scene of a home burglary on Shellsford Road. The house was broken into through a window. Items including blank checks, pocket knives, a coin collection, and loose change were taken.
When officers arrived to speak with the Browns about the burglary, they noticed items that made them suspect the couple was making meth.
“At the home of the Browns we saw items used in the manufacture of methamphetamine,” said sheriff’s investigator Kevin Murphy in his warrants against the pair. “A meth lab was found in the bedroom.”
Murphy said they also found meth components in the couple’s vehicle parked outside the home. The detective noted they also found what they were originally looking for.
“Also in the car were items from the burglary,” Murphy noted.