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Buckingham residents wont have water cut off
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A crisis which could have effected hundreds of people has been avoided as water will keep flowing to one of the most populous apartment complexes in the city, at least for the time being.
Residents of Buckingham Apartments were alerted recently their water service would be cut off by the city due to non-payment of water bills by the landlord of the property. Water is included as part of the rent at Buckingham, however the owner has not been making water bill payments as he should.
The back bill amounts to $42,562 and the city of McMinnville issued a warning to the landlord, Paul W. Smith, to either pay or face all water being cut off at the apartment complex.
“I have two kids so what will we do without water?” questioned resident Angie Merriman who was among the residents who received a copy of the warning issued to the landlord. “Water is included in our rent but he hasn’t been paying the water bill.”
In a letter sent to the residents by city attorney Tim Pirtle, the attorney warned that non-payment would lead to the termination of water service to the entire complex within 10 days of service of the letter on Nov. 15.
However, according to city administrator David Rutherford, an agreement was reached with the landlord at the 11th hour averting the termination of water service. The details of the deal were not revealed, nor was it revealed how long the recent agreement will avert future threatened termination of water service given the large amount of back payments owed to the city for water.