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BTW, texting and driving bad
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In an effort to urge local residents to not text while driving, members of the county’s Safety Committee passed a motion supporting a resolution for the nationwide “Texting and Driving ... It Can Wait” movement.The resolution also recognizes Thursday, Sept. 19 as “No Text on Board Pledge Day” in Warren County.The resolution states, “Whereas, the Legislative Body of Warren County, Tennessee values the health, safety, and well-being of the citizens of Warren County; and whereas, the safe operation of vehicles requires drivers to be fully alert and attentive to road conditions, traffic volume, and unexpected hazards and ... modern technology has placed a multitude of communication tools at our disposal, including the ability to instantly converse with friends and family through text messaging ... the nationwide Texting and Driving ... It Can Wait movement reflects the desire of the Legislative body of Warren County, Tennessee to stress the importance of discontinuing the practice of texting while driving.”The resolution states the number of traffic fatalities and injuries caused by texting while driving is growing at an alarming rate.According to the resolution, “Drivers who text while driving choose to put themselves at risk of serious injury or death and are in essence choosing to place their passengers, other drivers, and pedestrians at risk of serious injury or death.”The resolution passed 3-0 with Commissioners Teddy Boyd, Sally Brock and Charles Morgan voting yes. Commissioners Ron Lee and Les Trotman were absent.The resolution will appear on the Sept. 16 full Warren County Commission docket to be voted on as a recommendation from the Safety Committee.