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Brothers reportedly stole from own mother
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Two brothers caught going the wrong way on a one-way street could face a mountain of charges after it was discovered they had ripped off their own mother.Thus far, however, Charles Lewis Bryant is the one facing the criminal counts after he allegedly took responsibility for the stolen items found inside the vehicle.According to sheriff’s investigator Jody Cavanaugh, he observed a vehicle going the wrong way downtown.“I observed a vehicle going in the wrong direction on one-way Morford Street,” Cavanaugh said, noting the vehicle was driven by Bryant’s brother, Clinton Bryant. A search of the vehicle netted several items including a 12-gauge shotgun and a bag of marijuana. Both men were reportedly on parole at the time, making the mere possession of the firearm a serious charge.Following the traffic stop, it was learned the gun and numerous other items found in the car had been taken following a burglary of their mother’s home.