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Bray caught trying to burn granny's house
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A man faces arson charges after he allegedly tried to burn down his grandmother’s house and then claim it was an accident.
The suspect, Gregory B. Bray, 27, is charged with arson and domestic assault, the latter coming for his assault just two weeks earlier of the same grandmother whose house he tried to burn.
“He claimed he had been lighting candles in the house in a back bedroom and it started a fire,” said McMinnville police detective Todd Rowland of Bray’s defense to the charges.
Bray ran from the house after the fire began and immediately saw a policeman who was taking a report on an unrelated matter just across the street. The officer spoke with him and then did a pat down of him for safety and discovered a box of matches in his pocket.
“A box of matches on a man running from the scene of a fire sets off red flags,” Rowland pointed out.
The major red flag in the case, however came when arson investigators with the fire department discovered two points of origin for the fire, meaning it was set in two separate areas. Rowland said that does not happen by accident.
“When you have two points of origin for a fire, that’s indicative of arson,” Rowland noted.
In addition to his arson charge, Bray is also in trouble for pushing down his grandmother a couple of weeks before, busting her elbow.