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Boyd honors G.B. Greene
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Local businessman G.B. Greene was honored Tuesday morning by Boyd Christian School during its annual Rally Around the Poll ceremony.
Greene was a charter member of Boyd Christian’s board of directors and was instrumental in getting the school to open in 1979. He served on the board for decades before leaving a couple years ago.
“We try to recognize a person who has meant so much to this school and we owe a lot to him for all the time and effort he put into Boyd Christian,” said Boyd headmaster Weldon Parkinson.
Also included in the recognition was Greene’s wife, Suzi.
“Behind every good man is a good woman pushing him and we certainly want to thank her too for all she has contributed,” said Parkinson.
Greene said he is honored to receive the award and said Boyd Christian is a valuable asset to the community.
“It gives all the kids of Warren County the opportunity to go to a Christian school, which is something I think is important,” he said.
With the economic downtown, Boyd has endured some economic struggles, much like the rest of the nation. This is something Greene didn’t envision in the beginning.
“With at least 46 Churches of Christ in Warren County, I thought we’d never have a lack of money,” said Greene. “But for some reason it can be difficult to get funding for a Christian school.”
Boyd began its first day of school Aug. 8. Current enrollment is 145 students, which is 10 more than were enrolled at the start of school last year.
“We’re happy where we are right now and I’m sure we’ll pick up some more students as the school year goes along,” said Parkinson. “We’d like to be in the 175- to 200-student range.”