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Bobby Ray to receive facelift
Bobby Ray project
Upland Design Group released this architectural drawing of what Bobby Ray Elementary will look like once an addition is complete. The new building will face Chancery Street and will serve as a new entrance for campus visitors. Construction is projected to begin May 25, if a timeline remains unchanged.

Expansion of Bobby Ray Elementary is slated to begin immediately after school lets out for summer break.

According to Upland Design Group architect Allen Hill, a large portion of the work needs to be done when school is not in session and the best way to do that is begin working as soon as school lets out.

“We’re trying to have physical work start at the site on May 25, which is the day after school lets out,” said Hill. “Because of the constraints of that site, we think it’s important to try and take advantage of as much of the summer construction period as possible. That’s what’s really pushing the schedule. Work may not start May 25, but that’s what we’re trying for.”

In order to hit that date, a stringent timeline must be met.

“We are aiming to have our documents complete about April 6,” said Hill. “When the documents are complete, they will be sent to the fire marshal for approval and then out to contractors to start the bid process. Then, we’re hoping to have bids back around May 3 and award the contract around May 7 or May 10. That’s the schedule we’re working for and that’s what’s driving everything – the end of school.”

Hill presented architectural drawings of Bobby Ray School’s addition, which will serve as the school’s new main entrance, to members of the county Education Committee.

“This is what Bobby Ray will look like from the front,” said Hill. “This is in tones of gray, but we are thinking it would be earth tones and match what is there. This is more what you would see at eye level as you’re coming down Chancery Street. This is the office/classroom area that would connect Building B on the right and Building C on the left. We wanted to give you the overall appearance.”

Upland project bids for the West Elementary project will go out in September because that project is not slated to begin until the work at Bobby Ray is close to completion.