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Bobby Ray construction project encounters delays
Bobby Ray with name.jpg
The addition at Bobby Ray Memorial Elementary officially bears the school’s name. Students and staff will be able to use hallways and connectors this week while architect Allen Hill of Upland Design Group finishes up a few items. According to Director of Schools Bobby Cox, school administration will begin to transition to the new building next week. - photo by Lacy Garrison

The waiting game continues as occupancy of the new building by Bobby Ray Elementary students and staff is postponed yet again as construction continues.

A recent update was given during Thursday’s School Board meeting.

According to architect Rob Threw with Upland Design Group, the contractor is making progress on the punch list, which should be ready by next week.

“Allen submitted an 18-page, very detailed punch list for them to go back and correct, everything from a screw head that was hollowed out,” explained Director of Schools Bobby Cox. “When I was over there last, I felt like they were making progress.”

“What about them going back and fixing the wall?” asked School Board member Helen Martin.

Answered Cox, “I think they plan on doing that over Thanksgiving or Christmas.”

Bobby Ray principal Monti Hillis interjected saying that she was told that work would be done now.

“I was told last week that the steps that were wrong would be in this week but I’ve not seen anything done,” said Hillis. “They’ve got two of the three doors that need to be torn out. Of course, when they have that pulled out, it messes up all the sheetrock and baseboards so it’s like fixing one problem has made three more.”

Hillis admitted to the School Board that she will be surprised if everything is finished by next week. Additionally, two rooms she had planned to use for SPED classrooms are not going to be large enough to use as intended.

“Right now, we just use the hallways because there is so much still happening in the classrooms,” said Hillis. “Almost all of the furniture is in. There are still several things they have to fix that have not come in yet.”