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Blue Building problems spelled out in analysis
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McMinnville officials will be reviewing the rest of the story Tuesday night in regard to the Blue Building’s structural integrity and hazardous materials analysis by AEI Architects.A joint meeting of the city’s Building and Grounds Committee and Finance Committee is scheduled for 6:15 p.m. On the committees are Aldermen Ben Newman, Rick Barnes, Ken Smith and Mike Neal.Officials began a tentative review last month when a portion of the analysis said the auditorium is in “critical condition and no one should be allowed in or even near the facility” making it necessary for officials to take immediate action to prevent access.According to the analysis report on the auditorium, “The walls are not plumb and lean inward as well as contain numerous visible cracks. It is important to know that the exterior multi-wythe brick walls are the only load-bearing elements that are supporting the roof structure. The failure of exterior multi-wythe brick walls will result in total collapse of the roof structure.”The financial news is not so promising for the auditorium.