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Blaine Wilcher mounts write-in campaign for county executive
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I am Blaine Wilcher, a 4th District Commissioner and the first Republican elected in Warren County in over 150 years. I have qualified to run as a write-in candidate for county executive in the May Republican primary.
Originally, I had decided to wait and run for county executive in 2018. When John Pelham decided not to run this time, I began to consider it, but I didn’t want to give up the commission seat I had worked so hard for. After being asked to run by several voters and fellow commissioners, I decided I would run a “no frills” campaign by word of mouth and little to no money being spent on advertising. If the voters think I’m a viable candidate, then they can vote for me by write in.
A win would mean I would be the Republican candidate on the August ballot. If I don’t win the primary, I will work had to be re-elected as commissioner of my district and continue to represent it to the best of my ability.
A lot of people may recognize me as a local runner, who helps put on runs for Main Street McMinnville as part of Main Street Live and at Rock Island State Park. I also have worked with the middle and high school track teams in the past by running with them and raising money.
Since being elected as 4th District County Commissioner, I have been able to host a car show that benefits Families in Crisis. I have been the County Commission’s representative on the board for over three years.
I’m like many others in Warren County in that I have traveled out of Warren County daily for years to work. I found the opportunities for “high-paying” jobs were more available elsewhere. I have 20 years experience in the automotive Industry, including management at both Yorozu and Nissan. I’m currently quality manager of an OEM Boat Upholstery Plant in Woodbury.
I believe there will be several great opportunities to get supplier plants for companies like Nissan and Volkswagen over the next few years. I would love the chance to work with leaders of the county and city government to make sure Warren County is looked at as prime location for growth.
We have to continue to promote programs like Mechatronics for our students who graduate and don’t plan on seeking a college degree. Programs like this can help create the future workforce we will need for new plants coming to Warren County.
The key to success will be teamwork. Working with the Industrial Development Board to create a growth plan for Warren County will be my main focus if elected. Understanding all county and city employees should work together for the progress of McMinnville and Warren County, I will plan monthly and quarterly meetings with department managers to discuss issues and plans.
I have been married to my wife, Lorie, for 22 years. We have three daughters, Lindsay, Kelsey, and Zoe. Lindsay is currently attending Motlow. She is working toward her teaching degree. I am very much opposed to Common Core and welcome the chance to work toward a better option for Warren County. If you believe in my vision for cleaner and more efficient local government, that promotes growth, vote for me in the Republican Primary as a write-in candidate.
The “write in” procedure must be explained to every voter who doesn’t understand how it works by an election officer.  Feel free to contact me on twitter @ran2hard, by email at, on Facebook/Commissioner Blaine Wilcher, on, or call me at 931-743-2461.
Several Republican candidates for the County Commission, School Board and city alderman have joined me for my “Contract with County.” We have produced seven goals:
• More involvement from commissioners in the Industrial Development Board.
• Proactive visits to existing plants in Warren County and neighboring counties to promote and aid job growth.
• Move for a vote for the reduction of commissioners from 24 to 12.
• Monthly/ quarterly updates from County Executive and Commissioners from departments to media outlets such as Southern Standard.
• Review options to Common Core curriculum.
• Promote teamwork between county and city departments.
• Promote Warren County’s assets such as nurseries, industrial growth potential, Cumberland Caverns, Rock Island State Park, etc. Slogan proposal: “Watch us Grow!”