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Biles' run from law ends in jail sentence
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A man has been sentenced to a year behind bars after he slammed his car into a tree while trying to outrun police.The suspect, Cory M. Biles, 22, will also have something else to think about while he does his time at Warren County Jail, that being manufacture of methamphetamine charges he had bound over to the grand jury when he entered his guilty plea to evading arrest charges last week. He could face up to eight years on that count.Biles was ordered to serve the entire 11-month, 29-day sentence, with exception of time off for good behavior, by General Sessions Judge Bill Locke after the defendant entered a guilty plea before the court to the evading arrest charge.Biles’ brush with the law came when police tried to stop his 2000 Nissan Sentra after he had allegedly been involved in a domestic dispute.“I attempted to stop the vehicle and the driver slowed down as if he were going to stop and then suddenly drove away at a high rate of speed,” said Police Sgt. Kenneth Seagraves.The officer had already seen the driver and knew it was Biles. The fugitive was able to momentarily give police the slip but he ended up returning to the scene of the alleged domestic dispute.“Biles hit a tree with his vehicle at Buckingham Apartments,” said Seagraves, noting Biles abandoned the wrecked vehicle and fled the scene on foot.His run from the law ended when police found him at a home on John Locke Road.