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Assault follows news of childs gender
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A man was given probation for attacking his wife after she didn’t show what he felt was enough enthusiasm after finding out the gender of their unborn child.
The husband, Kurtis Greene, 28, was given an 11-month, 29-day sentence by General Sessions Judge Bill Locke and was released on probation on the charge of domestic assault. He has been ordered to stay away from his wife. If they wish for the stay-away order to be lifted, they must attend four sessions of the batterer’s program.
Greene’s probation comes after he smashed his wife’s windshield during an argument between them. Police say he used his hand to smash the glass.
“He punched a window out of the car and attempted to physically drag her out of it,” said McMinnville patrolman Aaron Roberts, who found the victim sitting in her car with red marks on her face and neck.
The couple agreed during questioning that the argument that led to the physical assault happened during a discussion about the gender of their unborn child.
“The argument was started over the lack of enthusiasm from Mrs. Greene about the discovery of the gender of their unborn child and a comment from a female on Facebook,” Roberts noted in his warrant.