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Another motorcyclist found dead
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A family returning from church Sunday afternoon discovered the body of a man who was killed when his motorcycle ran off the roadway, the victim lying in the woods for what lawmen suspect was a couple days.
The victim, Roy Thomas Weddington, 52, likely died late Thursday night or Friday morning, investigators believe, when he crashed his motorcycle on a remote stretch of Jacksboro Road (Highway 287) about two miles from Morrison.
Evidence at the scene suggests Weddington was traveling north on Jacksboro Road when he lost control of his 2001 Yamaha while negotiating a curve. The motorcycle then hit a ditch and three trees, throwing the rider from the seat and into a wooded area about 15 feet off the road.
The motorcycle, which was in several pieces from the impact, was barely noticeable from the road. However, a motorist who was returning from church noticed a single wheel protruding from the weeds beside the road and decided to stop and investigate. Upon looking into the weeds, he saw other parts of the motorcycle and then, following the debris trial, found the body of Weddington lying just inside the wooded area which had obstructed his body from view.
Weddington, who was wearing a helmet, is the second Warren County man to die on a motorcycle under similar circumstances in a matter of days. Since investigators don’t know an exact time for either crash, they could have happened the same day.
William Dyle II, 41, was found dead Thursday by people out for a morning walk just outside Smithville city limits. Lawmen there believe Dyle had crashed his motorcycle the night before and had not been found until daylight.