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Annexation sought near four-lane
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With the new four-lane to Woodbury nearing completion, the area has the potential to attract new businesses.
McMinnville Regional Planning Commission members are considering a request to annex a portion of land with that thought in mind.
Donald and Latesha Hillis have petitioned the Planning Commission to annex approximately 2.6 acres of their property into the city. Located just past the intersection of Highway 70 and Spring Valley Road, it is adjacent to the new four-lane.
According to Planning and Zoning supervisor Josh Baker, Donald wants the property zoned C2 commercial for a potential business.
“The property does not adjoin the city so we would have to take the right of way along the highway,” said Baker. “If it’s brought in, he wants it C2 commercial. He did mention there would be the potential for a gas station or service station type business.”
The portion requested for annexation is included in a 22-acre tract that has not been subdivided. Anthony Pelham questioned if the city can annex a portion of a tract.
Baker responded, “We do have several places in the city where the back half of the property is not in the city, just the front half. However, you may find that it would be more beneficial to the city if we could take the entire 22 acres.”
Commission member Jim Brock wants a legal description as to exactly what portion of the 22 acres will be annexed.
“I don’t like annexing a piece of property without a legal description of the property,” Brock said. “Who’s to say exactly what part of the property is included in the 2.6 acres? We’ve got a map but we don’t have a scale map. I think it needs to be surveyed, don’t you?”
Commission member Jimmy Bonner agreed with the need for a survey, adding “If they did a survey, we would know what portion they are talking about. Why wouldn’t they want it all annexed. Then, they can take that portion out and sell it.”
“Well, they don’t want to pay city taxes,” said commission member Jerry Williamson, which brought a round of laughter. “I see this as a starting point for growing out that way. As for me personally, I would ask for that portion and not the whole thing. If you ask for it all, that would probably put a kink into it and they probably wouldn’t do it. I think, if you have people asking to come in, you need to encourage them.”
Pelham asked Baker what could go in a C2 zone. Permitted uses include:
Dry cleaning and laundry service, electrical repair, equipment rental, exterminating service, gunsmith, hotel and motels, small engine and motor repair, upholstering service, veterinary service - indoor, and similar uses.
Retail and wholesale trade, all those permitted in the C1 Central Commercial District and including the following: automotive parts store, building materials, cabinet sales, department store, fertilizer sales - packaged, florist - wholesale, furniture sales, motorcycle sales, nursery and garden centers-retail, pet shop, restaurant/ drive-in, and similar uses.
Public and semi-public uses, including the following: cemetery, charitable, fraternal or social organization, church or similar place of worship, community center, daycare center, funeral home, general office buildings, group homes, hospital, medical clinic, nursing home, schools, retirement center, temporary care facility and similar uses.
Professional offices for doctors, dentists, lawyers, architects, artists, engineers and the like.
Federal, state, county and municipal uses.
Automotive and transportation services, limited to the following: automotive tire sales and tire repair, car wash, gasoline station, off-street parking lots, taxicab stand and similar uses.
Light manufacturing, such as commercial printing, laboratories, optical instruments and lenses, and similar uses.
Newspaper, radio and TV stations.
Discussion on the request was postponed until one of the property owners could be in attendance. The next meeting of the McMinnville Regional Planning Commission will be Nov. 10.