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Animal Control seeking dog that bit girl
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Warren County Animal Control is asking the community for its help in finding a dog that bit an 8-year-old girl on Miriah Drive on Sunday.
“My hope is someone calls and says I have the dog or this is where the dog lives,” said Animal Control director Kim Pettrey. “I’m not interested in citing the dog’s owner or anything like that. I am only interested in preventing this little girl from having to undergo a series of preventative shots for rabies. I had those and it’s not a fun experience. In order to help her, I need to hold the dog for 10 or 11 days from the day of the bite or see the dog around that time to make sure it’s healthy.”
The dog is described as a husky mix or a shepherd mix.
It is white or light cream in color, has a black muzzle and black ears, and is wearing a collar.
Pettrey spent four hours attempting to find the dog on Sunday. On Tuesday, she was looking in the Bellwood or Driftwood area following up on reports the dog is there.
“I know Miriah Drive and Bellwood/ Driftwood are a distance apart,” said Pettrey on Tuesday, “but I am following every lead I get. I’m going out there today to look around. I spent four hours on Sunday looking for this dog. I put the dog’s picture on our Facebook page and I’ve gotten some feedback, but nothing definite yet on the dog’s whereabouts. We’ve only got a few days to find this dog, so we’re going to keep looking.”
The incident happened when the girl was attempting to prevent her female dog from breeding with a male dog that wandered onto their property, says Pettrey.
“She was down on her knees attempting to push her female dog into the garage and get it away from the male dog. Male dogs can get aggressive when a female is in season. The male dog bit the little girl on the back of her thigh. When I got there, the dog was still there and very aggressive. We had to wait for an officer to arrive with a taser. However, only one prong hit the dog and it was able to shake the other prong off and get away.”
Education is the key to preventing situations like this one. Animal Control is reminding dog owners that it’s a law to keep all female dogs quarantined when they are in season and that all dogs, male and female, are to be kept their owner’s property.
“The girl’s father told me he didn’t know male dogs could get so aggressive when a female dog is in season. Well, they can,” said Pettrey. “I wish all dog owners would have their pets spayed or neutered. If nothing else, just obey the law. Keep all female dogs put up when they are in season and keep all dogs on your property. This could have been prevented. Now that it has happened, we need to find this dog.”
Anyone with information on the dog’s whereabouts is encouraged to call Animal Control at 507-3647.