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Animal control officer forced to kill attacking dog
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A Warren County animal control officer is in intensive care after being attacked by a dog in the Smartt Station area. She was forced to shoot and kill the animal.
“I knew I was in trouble when it got me on the ground,” said Tammy Webb from her hospital bed yesterday. “It wanted to kill me.”
Webb was on an owner surrender call Monday after receiving a request from a man who reported he was bitten by his own dog, a chow, and wanted animal control to come get it.
After using tranquilizers to sedate the animal, Webb attempted to pick up the dog and secure it in the back of her truck.
The dog had other ideas, says Webb.
“He came up after me and was on me before I knew it,” she said. “I couldn’t get away. After he pulled me down on the ground, I didn’t have a choice. I pulled my gun and shot him twice.”
Webb drove herself to River Park Hospital with deep bite wounds to her right leg and left arm. It took 50 stitches to close the wounds in her arm, which suffered most of the damage, and several more to the leg.
“I felt I would be OK to drive myself. I guess I just didn’t realize how bad it was. There was blood everywhere. I called my sister and had her talk to me as I drove the rest of the way.”
 Warren County Executive John Pelham says Webb followed all the precautions for dealing with vicious dogs.
“She did everything right, but these things still happen,” Pelham said. “This dog was vicious. It probably would have gotten loose at some point and killed someone. I think Tammy probably saved the life of a child.”
Pelham encourages prayers.
“I’ve been to the hospital to see her and her spirits are good, despite what has happened. I’ve been telling everyone to send her their prayers. Our thoughts and prayers are definitely with her.”
Webb has endured two surgeries since Monday. The first was to clean and close the wounds on her arm and leg, with a second on Wednesday to remove infection in the arm.
“I just want to thank everyone for all the prayers,” Webb said. “The guy who brought my tray in this morning said his church said a silent prayer for me last night. I really appreciate it.”
To lighten what is a serious situation, friends and family have sent a box of animal crackers, a stuffed Dalmatian Dog, and humorous cards and balloons.
“I love it,” said Webb. “I really appreciate everything. I plan on taking my little Dalmatian dog everywhere with me. I’ll put him on the dash.”
The dog was sent for rabies testing.