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Animal Control meeting delayed
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The good news for Warren County Animal Control director Tammy Webb is she still has her job.
The bad news is she’s been suspended for another two weeks while an investigation continues into marijuana being grown at the facility on Paws Lane.
Webb’s job status was supposed to be decided Thursday night during a Health and Welfare Committee meeting. However, County Executive John Pelham said yesterday the meeting had to be postponed because the sheriff’s department has not completed its investigation.
“I was contacted by the sheriff’s department and told they haven’t completed their investigation and need a little more time,” said Pelham. “So what we’ve decided to do is to suspend her for another two weeks while the investigation is complete. Everyone is innocent until proven guilty.”
Pelham said Webb’s initial two-week suspension was paid leave. He said the second two-week suspension is unpaid, although Webb is being allowed to use accrued time she has accumulated.
According to a sheriff’s department report, there were 36 marijuana plants found growing on county property behind Animal Control. Webb’s son was found working among the marijuana and was arrested.
By all accounts, Webb had been doing a fine job as director of Animal Control since being given the job May 22. She had operated as interim director since January.