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Angry reaction
Lee mad letter sent to his house
Wilcher fight
County Commissioner Ron Lee can be seen threatening Commissioner-Elect Michael Shane Wilcher in this video taken by Wilcher and posted online.
Commissioner Ron Lee didn’t hesitate to make threatening comments on video before a Warren County Commission meeting last week. Since that video has gone viral on the Internet, it has created concern Lee may have gone too far in making a point.“I think he needs to step down from his position because we, the people, don't need any more negative spotlight on our community,” said Ryan Tackett, who wrote a letter to the editor in today’s edition.The video shows Lee approaching Michael Shane Wilcher, who was elected to the Warren County Commission earlier this month. After the election, Wilcher sent a letter to all county commissioners voicing concerns he has with a particular judicial commissioner, who he believes should no longer work for the county.Lee didn’t like being mailed the letter to his house and approached Wilcher last Monday before the commission meeting.“If you ever send a piece of mail to my property again, I’ll whip your a**,” Lee was seen saying on video.