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Alfonso a little bit too happy to be at Kroger
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A man caught pleasuring himself in public has been sentenced to serve five days.
The man, Ricardo Alonso Alfonso, 47, entered a guilty plea before General Sessions Judge Bill Locke and was ordered to serve five days of an 11-month, 29-day sentence. He was also warned to stay away from Kroger, where the incident happened, and to stay away from the victim.
The victim in the case said the incident happened while she was loading groceries in her vehicle after shopping at Kroger.
“I saw him approximately six feet from my vehicle (pleasuring himself) in plain view,” the woman swore on the warrant against Alfonso.
After witnessing the public display, the woman said she jumped in her car and locked the doors and called police.
She said Alfonso then tried to hide in the parking lot as police were on their way. The woman said the man took refuge near his own car. She was able to get his license plate when he got in his car and attempted to drive away.
He was stopped by police as he tried to leave the parking lot in his vehicle.
In addition to his jail time, Alfonso must pay a $392 fine.