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Akers stung by beehive thief
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This is one theft that’s really creating some buzz.
Centertown resident and Warren County Commissioner Joel Akers was surprised to discover one of his two beehives was stolen last week. Akers says the beehive and honeybees are valued at well over $500.
“You know you have to be in hard financial times if somebody is going to steal a beehive,” said Akers, who believes the theft took place last Wednesday night. “I’ve never heard of anything like this. Who would steal a beehive?”
Akers said beekeeping is a new hobby for him. He bought and assembled the hives about one month ago and says it will be about a year before the bees start producing honey.
“All bees do the first year is build their hive so they can survive the winter,” said Akers. “There won’t be any honey until next year.”
Akers pointed out a beehive is not something that can be pawned like a TV or camera so it’s not an item he thinks would be attractive to a typical thief. If it was a prank, he believes someone would have smashed the hive and driven away.
The hives were barely visible from Jacksboro Road, and since only one was taken Akers believes the thief may have encountered some trouble.
“I’d say we’re looking for someone who may have several bee stings,” said Akers. “If anyone knows of a beehive which may look out of place, or that wasn’t there last week, I encourage them to call the Warren County Sheriff’s Department. No bad act goes unpunished and no good deed goes unrewarded.”
Akers says he is offering a reward for information leading to the prosecution of the person responsible. He also noted beehives are required to be registered by the state, meaning the thief is likely violating the law by having an unregistered hive.
The sheriff’s department is investigating the crime and can be reached at 473-8738.