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After delays, bridge almost done
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It has been a long three years for constructing a new bridge on Beersheba Street. Delays are almost at an end with completion finally appearing close.
“It should be done in about two weeks,” said TDOT spokesperson Jennifer Flynn. “The contractor has to finish up a side road and place sod. Then, they will be finishing up any small tasks and items that might have been found during the final inspection.”
Final inspections are done by TDOT on projects that are contracted out. A “punch list” is generated of small tasks and items for the company to do before the state will accept the bridge as complete.
The project’s original completion date was over a year ago – Sept. 11, 2011. Construction lagged behind due to difficulties the contractor endured in relocating utilities, mostly the water line.
Now that the bridge is almost complete, its future may include a name change. While it is locally called Beersheba Street Bridge due to its location, it officially has no name.
McMinnville officials began discussing in 2011 to name the bridge after Spc. Jeremy Brown, the Warren County soldier killed in Afghanistan in May 2010 when insurgents attacked his group that was on patrol. He lived in Mt. Leo.
Officials passed a resolution to name the bridge after Brown, which was later accepted by Warren County officials. The endeavor gained the support of state officials on April 25, 2012 when a Senate Joint Resolution was adopted. It was signed by Gov. Bill Haslam on May 1, 2012.
No date has been set for the name change.