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A story of Hope
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They say cats have nine lives, but what about dogs? A dog named Hope survived a desperate situation at Christmas that may have left her one life shy.
“We named her Hope because we had to hope she would survive,” said Warren County Animal Control director Kim Pettrey. “We didn’t think she would. She was pitiful, almost lifeless.”
On Dec. 26, Animal Control received a call from a gentleman in the area of Roy Foster Road in Dibrell reporting a stray female dog attempting to give birth beside a tree.
“The caller said the dog was having a difficult time at it,” said Pettrey. “He said she had been there a while and he didn’t think she would be able to give birth on her own. He was afraid she wouldn’t survive.”
The situation was critical, according to Pettrey.
“She was so weak she couldn’t lift her head. I picked her up and put her in the truck. The smell, well, it wasn’t good. I took her right to Dr. Sam Young’s office. He didn’t know if she would make it,” said Pettrey.
The veterinarian immediately took Hope in for an emergency C-section and discovered all the puppies were deceased. Her uterus, which had ruptured, had to be removed.
Hope made a miraculous recovery and has been placed for adoption.
“She rebounded really well,” said Pettrey. “Despite what she went through, she has a very friendly disposition. Everyone at the vet office fell in love with her. She’s friendly around other dogs. We took her into the area with cats and she didn’t care. She’s just a very loving dog.”
If anyone would like to give Hope a brighter 2014, Animal Control is located at 169 Paws Trail. Serious inquires only may call 507-3647. Her adoption fee is $50.