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Young Pioneers on the gridiron
Photo courtesy of Painted Barn Media Jordan Kloosterman runs free against Shelbyville in the Division 3 matchup Saturday. The Division 3 Pioneers have the lone win for the local football teams, which play in the Southern Middle Tennessee Youth Football Assocation. All three Pioneers teams are set to play this Saturday, Oct. 5 at home against Marshall County. The first game will kick off at 10 a.m. at Bobby Ray.

Division 1

Manchester Raiders 5-0

Franklin Co. Rebels 5-1

Columbia Lions 4-1

Fayetteville Tigers 4-1

Shelbyville Eagles 3-2

Giles Co. Redhawks 2-3

Tullahoma Elite 2-4

Liberty Patriots 2-4

Marshall Co. Elite 0-5

Warren Co. Pioneers 0-6

Division 2

Shelbyville Eagles 5-0

Marshall Co. Elite 4-1

Manchester Raiders 4-1

Giles Co. Redhawks 4-1

Columbia Lions 3-2

Franklin Co. Rebels 3-3

Fayetteville Tigers 2-3

Tullahoma Elite 1-5

Liberty Patriots 1-5

Warren Co. Pioneers 0-6

Division 3

Manchester Raiders 5-0

Liberty Patriots 5-1

Shelbyville Eagles 4-1

Fayetteville Tigers 4-1

Marshall Co. Elite 3-2

Tullahoma Elite 3-3

Columbia Lions 1-4

Giles Co. Redhawks 1-4

Warren Co. Pioneers 1-5

Franklin Co. Rebels 0-6