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WCMS wins big
WCMS football - Coach Ben talk.jpg
WCMS coach Ben Matheney talks with the Pioneers after their big win over Coffee County on Tuesday. WCMS is 2-1 on the season and 2-0 on the road. The Pioneers will take on Harris Middle School next Thursday at home for eighth grade night. - photo by Taylor Moore

The WCMS Pioneers continue to be unstoppable on the road beating Coffee County 44-13 on Tuesday on the Red Raiders’ home field. 

Pioneer running back Lex Winfree rushed for an impressive 135 yards, 100 of which were in the first quarter. “He had some big runs,” said WCMS coach Ben Matheney. “Just about every time he touched the ball, he ended up in the end zone.”

The Pioneers stand 2-1 this season and 2-0 on the road.

“Special teams was an issue for us,” coach Matheney said, “But as far as our number ones go, I felt like we did some good things for us. A highlight for me, Mason Gribble, a first-year player, he got to start tonight. It’s his first time he started at corner. He had a huge pick, so it’s exciting when you give a kid an opportunity and they take it and run with it.” 

The Pioneers started their dominance early in the first quarter with Winfree setting the Coffee County quarterback back 7 yards with a sack making a third down. On this down, WC’s defensive line recovered a fumble to gain possession.

With the first down at the Red Raiders’ 42-yard line, Pioneer quarterback Kristopher Robledo made a first down rushing 10 yards.

After a setback of 2 yards, Winfree made a break from the 34-yard line for a nice TD for the Pioneers. Robledo rushed for the conversion successfully to put WC up 8-0 in the first 2 minutes.

Winfree made another sack and a few tackles with Oswaldo Duenas to slow Coffee County’s offense. The Red Raiders eventually fumbled after two running backs were confused who was supposed to run the ball. Now with possession again, the Pioneers wasted no time handing the ball to Winfree who made a 72-yard run for another TD. Another conversion put them up 16-0 with only 2:30 left in the quarter.

WCMS struggled on special teams as Coffee County scored a TD on the kickoff; however, the touchdown did not count as a personal foul was called on the Raiders. With the regular offense in play, Coffee County eventually turned the ball over with a punt at the end of the first.

Dylan Aguilar joined the action by making a 51-yard run to the end zone 15 seconds into the second quarter. The second quarter would prove more difficult as the Pioneers lost possession after an impressive sack from Coffee’s D-line. But the Raiders’ luck would quickly turn as Mason Gribble made an interception on CC’s first down.

Now with a Pioneer first down, Robledo tried to improve his passing game, but he ended being sacked by another lineman on the first down. This set the Pioneers back 7 yards, but on the second down, Robledo threw a 15-yard spiral to Aguilar who made another break on the outside. He added 65 yards to his rushing yards taking Winfree’s spot in the second quarter.

The D-line was on fire for WC as possession went back to the Raiders. From their own 49 yard line, they advanced 0 yards before making an incomplete pass on fourth down. The pass got knocked down by Peyton Ray. 

Jakoby Odineal had a nice run before Winfree found himself scoring his third TD in the first half. With Ray scoring this conversion, the Pioneers showed no mercy finishing the first half up 38-0.

With the JV joining the action in the fourth quarter, the Pioneers quit scoring and allowed TDs from the Red Raiders. However, with the cushion they had from the first half of touchdowns, these touchdowns were inconsequential and the Pioneers won their second game on the road, 44-13.

WCMS plays Harris Middle at home this coming Thursday for eighth grade night.