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WCMS football off to great start

The WCMS Pioneers won their season-opener against North Middle School on Thursday, making it head coach Ben Matheney’s first opening win going into his fourth season as head coach. Not only did the Pioneers win, but it was a complete shut out, 34-0.

By the second quarter, the Pioneers were up by 2 touchdowns. In the second quarter, WC lost possession to the Gators, but Kristopher Robledo retrieved a lost ball to make a turnover and regain possession. Early in the third quarter, Lex Winfree made a clean getaway to score a third touchdown for the Pioneers.

As the Gators got possession, Pioneer Garret Mitchell created a turnover after setting North Middle back a few yards, getting a WC first down at the 5-yard line. From there, Dylan Aguilar scored the fourth touchdown with Jakoby Odineal scoring the conversion.

Mitchell continued working on defense with a nice tackle, and the defensive line pushed back the Gators to a fourth down with 23 yards to go. North Middle couldn’t make a first down, and the Pioneers were soon in control once again.

The Pioneers were steamrolling defensively which put them up 28-0 going into the last quarter where they didn’t slow down. Robledo started the fourth quarter on defense taking possession of the ball once again.

From here, WC got a first and goal and got stuck at the 7-yard line for second, third and fourth downs. On fourth down, quarterback Robledo threw it to A.J. Whitman in the end zone where Whitman dove for the catch and touchdown.

The Pioneers celebrated another score until it was announced as an incomplete pass. However, the referees called it complete, and the correction was made giving WC a fifth touchdown against North Middle’s zero. WC won 34-0 making an impressive run on the opening night where coach Matheney showed gratitude for his players’ hard work.

“Beating any team 34-0 is great, opening with a win,” said Matheney. “I feel like we are keeping the momentum we finished with last year.”

He said there are things they could improve upon offensively but added, “Defensively, I told the guys after the game, I don’t know if I’m more proud of any group I’ve ever coached.”

He credited the defensive line with the win, and he hopes they can bring the same energy for the first home game of the season on Thursday against Jasper Middle.