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WCHS ready to hit the hardwood
Sullens seeks to develop team mentality
From the gridiron to the basketball court in two days, Warren County Pioneer QB Isaiah Grayson, right, is an all-athlete who helps new students learn the basketball system at the high school. He is guarded by Sloan Seymour.
From the gridiron on Friday to the hardwood on Monday is not much break for some Warren County students, but now that football season is over, the focus shifts to Warren County High School basketball as the primary winter sport. Dodging tacklers on Friday, QB Isaiah Grayson was on the court, as was big man K’Rojhn Calbert who just received an offer to play UT football. Receiver McCall Turner made an impression catching passes for touchdowns, Carter Mansfield, and Noah Martin take their all-around athleticism on the football field to help Warren County’s effort toward a district title.Warren County High School breaks down the boys teams having a JV/Freshman team with head coach Stephen Glenn and assistant coach Raymond Shutt.