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WCHS boys tennis team wins two
WCHS tennis - Rachel Jackson II.jpg
Rachel Jackson and the WCHS Lady Pioneer tennis team suffered two 5-4 losses this past week. The youthful squad is showing improvement, according to coach David Dunlap.

The Warren County High School boys tennis team returned to its winning ways Tuesday in Sparta, while the girls team came close to winning its first match of the season.

The Warren County boys won convincingly 8-1, while the girls lost by a hair, 5-4.

“The girls are getting better and that’s all I can ask for,” said WCHS coach David Dunlap. “They were excited they did so well and came close to winning.”

In boys action, the Pioneers won every singles match and suffered their only defeat in No. 3 doubles. The Lady Pioneers were hurt by having to face White County No. 1 player Macey Tollison in singles and doubles.

“Tollison is a really good player so she’s probably going to win the majority of her matches,” said coach Dunlap.

Lady Pioneer Elena Rowland couldn’t finish her singles match against Tollison due to a shoulder injury but is expected to be OK.

In action Thursday against DeKalb County, the Lady Pioneers suffered another tough 5-4 loss, but the Pioneer boys beat DeKalb County, 7-2.

Here are the individual results from the White County match on Tuesday.



No. 1 – WCHS Alessandro Prando beats Bray Frasier, 8-1

No. 2 – WCHS Ben Campos beats Logan Dickerson, 8-2

No. 3 – WCHS Colin Riley beats Jack Bouldin, 8-5

No. 4 – WCHS Mitchell Caten beats Wes Gooch, 8-2

No. 5 – WCHS Wilder Higgins beats Lucas Sherrer, 8-4

No. 6 – WCHS Jase Todd beats Max Simmons, 8-4


No. 1 – WCHS Prando/ Campos beat Dickerson/ Frasier, 8-2

No. 2 – WCHS Riley/ Caten beat Tim Gooch/ Bouldin, 8-2

No. 3 – WCHS Higgins/ Todd lose to Wes Gooch/ Sherrer, 8-3



No. 1 – WCHS Elena Rowland loses to Macey Tollison, 2-0 (retired)

No. 2 – WCHS Caroline Stewart loses to Nautica Brown, 8-2

No. 3 – WCHS Rachel Jackson loses to Nia Powers, 8-0

No. 4 – WCHS Adeline Randall beats Olivia Ervin, 8-4

No. 5 – WCHS Elizabeth Tempos beats Kate Fraiser, 8-5

No. 6 – WCHS Karigan Stewart beats Gracy Luna, 8-5


No. 1 – WCHS Rowland/ Jackson lose to Tollison/ Brown

No. 2 – WCHS C. Stewart/ Randall lose to Powers/ Fraiser

No. 3 – WCHS Tempos/ K. Stewart beat Ervin/ Luna, 8-2