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The long road trip is finally over
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Finally, the Warren County Pioneers are coming back to Nunley Stadium. It has been a seriously long road trip for not just the football program. It has really put everyone to the test.
I can only imagine how happy the players must be about returning home after five weeks without a home game. It’s been week after grueling week of climbing onto a bus for that long ride to the opposing school and the longer ride back.
The fans who have made these trips with the team over these past few weeks should be commended. At times the Pioneer faithful were loud enough to make you think the Pioneers were at home, even if it was only for a moment.
There is no place like home and Nunley Stadium will hopefully be electric when the Pioneers take the field Friday night. It should feel great for the Pioneers to get back in their own backyard. I for one hope this feeling is mutual with players and fans of Warren County football. 
With all the sports going on in Warren County, the 5-6 grade basketball season is upon us. A flurry of games kicked off this past Monday evening and continued throughout the week. This year has arguably seen some of the closest games in recent memory. 
A couple of games ended with just a single basket separating the two teams and a one-point thriller on Thursday saw what I would consider an upset when the Eastside Lady Bulldogs edged WCMS.
WCMS has dominated the 5-6 grade level for years, with some of the smaller schools saying they are at a competitive disadvantage because of the middle school’s large enrollment. However, both WCMS teams dropped to the consolation game last week.
I do know from what I have seen the championship games should be pretty close, at least in one of them. I will keep my opinions to myself on that one.
It won’t be long now until we are talking about Pioneer basketball. I haven’t seen anything really from either side but I have heard plenty, as have many of you. For now just sit back and enjoy the rest of what’s left of football season. It will be over before you know it.
The fall sports remaining games are drawing close and hopefully Warren County will make some noise in the district tournaments. The Lady Pioneer golf team is headed to the state, along with Pioneer individual golfer Bracton Womack.
I am excited to see what awaits those individuals at that level. The Lady Pioneer soccer team has secured a second-place finish in the district and the WCMS soccer team should make a run to the top. Stick with me and I will try to get all the information to you. Right on.