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Terry fuels Pioneers
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File photos Treyton Terry has been the driving force behind the WCMS sixth-grade basketball team, which is currently 14-2. Terry, the team's floor general, recently scored a season-best 31 points in a victory over Upperman.

Size doesn’t bother Treyton Terry. If anything, the sixth-grade Pioneer point guard relishes teams overlooking him.

It makes his complete demolition of opponents just a little bit sweeter.

Terry has been a highlight a minute for the WCMS Pioneers, who improved to 14-2 earlier this week with a 54-47 victory over Upperman in the state tournament. In the contest, Terry was simply unstoppable, scoring 31 points – 17 in the second half – to guide the Pioneers into a matchup with Bradley Academy, Murfreesboro’s top team, this Saturday at 4:30 p.m. at Middle Tennessee Christian School.

Few players Terry’s age have the confidence or swagger the Pioneers’ floor general possesses. Terry possesses an NBA-infused game, fixed with equal parts of Steph Curry’s confidence to launch from anywhere on the court and James Harden’s craving for contact around the rim to get free throws. Mix in a Russell Westbrook-like attitude to dominate, and Terry is a sub 5-foot terror for elementary opponents.
“He has the ‘It’ factor,” said coach Justin Adcock. “He has tons of passion and confidence.”

In one game against Franklin North, the Pioneers trailed at halftime. Terry came out of the locker room unfazed by the deficit, mostly because he knew he could erase it himself. He poured in 14 points in the third quarter, helping the Pioneers ultimately earn a victory.

His offensive repertoire is expansive. Terry can fill it up from the perimeter, slash for scores, or draw an entire defense’s gaze before flinging a pass to an open teammate. Terry plays with a flare, mixing in crossovers, head fakes and no-look passes to frustrate opponents.

Terry’s signature play usually starts with him at the top of the key, sizing up one defender while scoping where help will arrive. When it’s time to attack, Terry will mix in a behind-the-back or between-the-legs move, accelerate easily around his initial defender and set his sights for the rim. Terry’s wizardry continues at the basket, when he’ll manipulate the ball to fool defenders before spinning a layup safely into the net.
Two points for Terry. Total confusion for the defense.

Sometimes it’s followed with a sly smile. Other times it’s an energetic clap to fire up his teammates. Terry finds a way to take center stage, with all eyes focused on him. And just as the crowd is waiting for Terry to act, he delivers.

His skill is worth the price of admission. His dominance becomes the lasting impression.