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Swim team makes waves against Sewanee
Mitchell Caten does the butterfly Wednesday afternoon during McMinnville swim team practice.

McMinnville swimmers made waves in their opening meet of the season in Sewanee, capturing first-place finishes in 13 events.
McMinnville was edged by the always-powerful Sewanee squad, but not without a valiant fight. McMinnville swim team assistant coach Sarah Medley says she continues to see progress.
"Two things we were really working on during this meet were our dives and our flip turns," said Medley. "We want to dive into the water strong and get a good start and we want to be smooth with our flip turns. We're doing much better with both of those things."
J.P. Toney was quick in the water as he claimed five first-place finishes, one of which was on a medley relay team with Emily Davis, Emery Stefanick and Gracie Caten.
Toney also won individually in the 50-meter freestyle, the 25-meter backstroke, and the 25-meter butterfly.
Gracie Caten won the 25-meter butterfly and was part of the 100-meter freestyle relay team that won first place with Maddie Smith, Ella McCoy and Emily Davis.
J.J. Brown won the 50-meter freestyle event, while fellow McMinnville swimmer Hudson O'Connor was hot on his tail in second place.
Jalyn Mart claimed first place in the 50-meter freestyle.
Mitchell Caten claimed first and Emery Stefanick was second in the 25-meter breaststroke.
In other first-place finishes for McMinnville swimmers:
• Ellie Sutton won the 25-meter backstroke
• Hudson O'Connor won the 50-meter backstroke
• The team of Maddie Smith, Ella McCoy, Emily Davis and Gracie Caten won the 100-meter freestyle relay
• The team of Emery Stefanick, Mitchell Caten, Scout Hale, and J.P. Toney won the 100-meter freestyle relay.