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Surveying the NFL landscape
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Maybe it’s time for Tony Romo to shed his well-worn goat suit.Maybe it’s time for the Seattle Seahawks to consider throwing when they need 1 yard.And maybe it’s time for Mariota Mania to take Tennessee by storm.Week 1 of the NFL season has come to a dazzling halt, telling us, well, pretty much nothing about the season that awaits. I’ve always said you can take Week 1, crumble it into a ball, and throw it in the trash.That said, here are some early observations.Lay off Old Man Manning: What’s up with all the Peyton Manning haters? Anyone who expects 39-year-old Peyton to be like 29-year-old Peyton doesn’t understand the aging process.It’s true our buddy Peyton hasn’t thrown a TD pass since I was in middle school.