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Sign coming for local state champs
State champs.jpg
Members of McMinnville’s 5-6-year old state championship team are, front row, from left, Chandler Thaxton, Lake Minton, Bentley LeFevers, Jett Rains and Wyatt Tanner. Second row, Rawley Gilispie, Lawson Denning, Bryce Grissom, Aiden VanVuuren and Tripp Medley. Third row, coaches Josh Gilispie, Sam Medley, Zack Minton, Jim Bob LeFevers and Justin Tanner.

A sign honoring the 5-6-year olds who won the state championship for 2019 is coming to a scoreboard at McMinnville Civic Center.

McMinnville Pioneer’s head coach Justin Tanner requested of city officials that they allow the placement of a sign honoring the team and its win during the TYBA tournament. 

“Thank you for your service to our city and providing our children with the facilities and organization to enjoy sports recreationally and competitively,” said Tanner. “Due to this opportunity and the hard work and dedication of the players, parents, and coaches the McMinnville Pioneers have won the TYBA 5 & 6 year-old coach pitch state championship for 2019. 

Specifically requested was a space on the score booth of the Jim Mansfield Field. Tanner says it will stand as a testament to the team and the program itself.

“This sign will stand as proof that with the aforementioned hard work and dedication future players on that field can achieve the same success. It will also let visiting teams of future tournaments know that McMinnville baseball is an accomplished program. Lastly, it will be a sense of pride for the McMinnville Pioneers for years to come as they continue to contribute to  our local program.” 

Board members Mayor Ben Newman, Vice Mayor Ryle Chastain and Aldermen Mike Neal, Kate Alsbrook and Steve Harvey unanimously approve the request to allow a sign to be placed. Aldermen Everett Brock and Rachel Kirby were absent. 

Members of the team include Chandler Thaxton, Lake Minton, Bentley LeFevers, Jett Rains, Wyatt Tanner, Rawley Gilispie, Lawson Denning, Bryce Grissom, Aiden van Vuuren and Tripp Medley.

Tanner coached the team with Josh Gilispie, Sam Medley, Zack Minton and Jim Bob LeFevers.

The team won the state championship in Murfreesoboro July 13-14.